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3 Best Drones For Kids

We all know by now that there are a ton of drones in the market for everyone. Which of them we do consider as the best drones for kids? Well, that is tricky because unless your kid is very little, a kid can fly almost any kind of drones. Therefore, if you pick a drone from our regular drone reviews or from the cheap drone section, it is hard to say that it would not be the best drone for kids. So we are not trying to do that. We are saying that almost all drones are great fits for the kids but we are talking about 3 very specific entry level drones which will be a good gift item for you to make your kid happy. Let’s watch a funny drone image & then read about those 3 best drones.

best drones for kids

3 Best Drones For Kids

We tried to consider the price factor while choosing these three drones. They are very good in terms of price but if you want to go for a bit higher end market, you should have a look at our regular reviews. Especially drones like Hubsan X4 or Cheerson will be great fits for your kid. Anyway, let’s stick to today’s topic and let’s have a look at the 3 best drones for kids.

Syma X5c Explorers Syma X5C explorer

Syma has always been a cool brand when it comes to great quadcopters in a very low end price. Syma X5C is another of that list as this quadcopter has interesting features that will be fun for your kid to enjoy. The quadcopter is very easy to fly and any kid from anywhere of the world can enjoy the fun of flying a quadcopter with Syma X5C. This simple quadcopter has been the best seller for more than 7 months now in RC quadcopter category and it looks like it will retain the position for a long time.

So, what are the features of Syma X5C explorers? The quadcopter comes with a HD camera along with a 2GB SD card. The quadcopter will take around one and a half hour to get completely charged and it can fly up to 7 minutes with one charge. The charging time is the main negative side of this product. Apart from that, this is a good one for kids.

The one click flip feature will definitely make your kid love this device. Syma X5C Explorer can be used in both indoor and outdoor.

Ionic 6 Axis Gyroscope QuadcopterIonic 6 Axis Gyroscope

Ionic 6 Axis is probably the most good looking quadcopter that you can find for your kid. The quadcopter looks so smart that there is no reason why you won’t go for it. It comes in three different colors (white, orange & green). The distance range is 30 meters and it can fly up to 8 minutes with one charging. The controller is handsome too. You do not get the battery with the main device which can be considered a negative side but the batteries are cheap as it uses regular LiPo batteries. You will have to charge it with USB port as it does not have a separate charger. Overall, this is not a great quadcopter in terms of features but we are not dealing with features here. If you want something interesting for your kid which is great fun at an even greater price, this is a good option to go for.

ToyJoy F8 Space Trek Nano Drone ToyJoy F8 SPACE TREK

As you can understand from the name, ToyJoy is more of a toy than a serious drone and it is especially designed for kids as a toy. Features such as blade guard cover reflect that attitude. This is a nano drone by the way so if you are looking for something a bit on the bigger end, you should ignore this model. The product looks brilliant. It can perform acrobatic stunts like 360 degree flip and the 2.4GHz radio controller is good enough to last long. The LED lights will definitely add more fun for your kid.

The negative part of this drone will be not having a camera. This is considered as an indoor quadcopter and therefore, there is no camera with this model. You won’t be able to set a camera manually as that will damage the balancing power of the machine.

Final Words

When we are trying to find out the best drones for kids, we do not want to think about the features must. Looks definitely play an important role as kids won’t love a boring looking quadcopter. At the same time, you have to consider the fact that whether your kid will use it only indoor or it will be used in outdoor too. If your kid wants to fly it outdoor, then you will have to ignore the last option. All three have their own identity and features. You can just ask your kid that which one looks nice and simply go for that one. We wish your kid best of luck.

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