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3 Best Quadcopters Without Cameras

Whenever we talk about quadcopters, we always mention how good the camera is and how awesome the videos will look. We hardly talk about quadcopter without camera and that is why we wanted to write this post. We wanted to talk about the 3 best quadcopter without camera that you can buy today and do two things. Either you can attach a camera of your own choice with these quadcopters or you can also fly them without any camera just for fun. It is up to you. Let’s have a look at the 3 best quadcopter without camera in today’s market.

3 Best Quadcopters Without CamerasSS360 quadcopter review

The first in our list is the famous stunt quadcopter, the SS360 Drone. This is a copter for the stunt and race lovers. The body is obviously very well built as it is designed to be used for heavy and quick flying. 360 degree flips and moves such as spins are easier to do with this quadcopter than most other ones. This is one of the few quadcopters which is actually designed only to serve the racing and stunt loving community.

The LED lights installed in the axis areas will amuse you at night. The 2.4 GHz transmitter is an actual good one as they introduced a special technology in it. As this is a crazy racing quadcopter, the company assumed that there will be other quadcopters around while you are flying it and that is why the 2.4GHz transmitter used a technology to make sure that no matter how many quads are around, your one will always listen to you (no signal breaks). This is a great one if you do not care about camera and just want to have fun. The quadcopter is well priced and you will surely love it.

The second drone that we will talk about is not a quadcopter but a hexacopter. As you all know, our website is about MJX X600 reviewquadcopters but we always want to ensure that you are receiving the best information. We did our research and this hexacopter actually deserves to be here. The name of this drone is MJX X600. The product looks solid and the price is great for an entry level user. It takes around 120 minutes to get fully charged and it can fly around 9 minutes. The headless mode is the prime feature of this drone. With the headless mode, you will never have to move it to set a direction as it can move into any direction within seconds. The one key return function will make sure that you never lose the machine in the sky. The drone is a bit heavier compared to others which can be considered as a negative side. Overall, this is still a good option to go for.

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The last drone that we will cover today is the JJRC H16 Tarantula X6. With 300 meters of controlling distance, JJRC H16 reviewthis is one of the coolest quadcopters that you will see around. The charging time is around 90 minutes and it flies for 10 minutes with each charge. You will have to have a few set of batteries to enjoy the fun which should not be a problem. The transmission is great along with the fun LED lights. It is not a quadcopter that you can bet your life on but it is a fun one to use in every situation. The price is great and if we compare the features along with price, it is an ‘OK’ quadcopter to go for.

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