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Best Drones For GoPro

If you are into action photography, you must have heard about GoPro. Go Pro is a camera that revolutionized and reinvented the action photography industry like nobody did before. We know that quadcopters and drones are also considered as a vital key of photography. What if they are blended? Well yes, there are some best drones for GoPro which are especially designed so that you can combine these two beauties to take the action further. This article is all about those best drones for GoPro that are available for us to buy.

Best Drones For GoPro

Basically, there are two ways by which you can attach a GoPro with your quadcopter or drone. If you are familiar with drones or if you are into our How to Build Drone series, you know what we are talking about. There are two ways by which a GoPro and a quadcopter can be attached.

  • Either they are directly attached with the quadcopter, or
  • You can buy a separate gimbal (mount) and attach GoPro with your quadcopter (Does not work on all quadcopter models)

Do you know the importance of knowing about best drones for GoPro? Well, check this video of Niagara Falls which was shot with a DJI Phantom 2 & a GoPro.

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Best Drones For GoPro

While we did our research, we found around six-seven quadcopters which can be considered as good when it comes to attaching GoPro and filming with them. We only picked 3 of them as we had to consider points like fly time too because it makes no sense if we pick a quadcopter for you that can fly only around 8 minutes with your GoPro. Therefore, we are only calling those ‘best drones for GoPro’ that are good quadcopters first and then have a feature of having a GoPro with them. Let’s check out the list of the best drones for GoPro now:

DJI Phantom 2 With GoPro

We all know that DJI Phantom 3 is already there in the market and that quadcopter is considered as one of the best professional quadcopters of all time. Unfortunately, the Phantom 3 does not allow you to attach a GoPro with the quad which the Phantom 2 does. You already saw the Niagara Falls video that was shot with a Phantom 2 and GoPro which says a lot about the quality of this combination.

The Pros 

  • Great battery life (Around 25 minutes)
  • Brilliant Transmission
  • Interesting LCD Display
  • The Gimbal is of top quality

The Cons

  • The GoPro does not come with the package. That is a separate purchase.
  • There is no FPV like DJI Phantom 3

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Ionic Stratus Drone For GoPro Ionic Stratus GoPro quadcopter

The second in our list is the Ioinic Stratus Drone For GoPro which was especially designed by Ionic for GoPro users. This is a quality quadcopter with features such as headless mode & one key return. The best part of this quadcopter is definitely the affordability. If you want to get a good quad within a great price then this is definitely the option to go for. It can fly around 15 minutes but you can buy a few sets of batteries to get rid of that problem. The batteries are not that costly for Ionic Stratus. Overall, this is a great entry level quadcopter for those who do not want to spend a ton right now.

The Pros

  • Great price
  • Good Looks
  • Headless & One key role option
  • Comes with GoPro holder

The Cons

  • The shock absorbing mount is not of a high quality
  • Spare parts are tough to find if anything gets broken

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Blade 350 Quadcopter Blade 350 Quadcopter

The third in our list is the GoPro ready Blade 350 Quadcopter. This is a simple and light quadcopter which is great for the beginners. You will face problem because of winds if you go too high in the sky but apart from that, this is a good machine to go for.

The GPS Sensor is brilliant and this is one of the few quadcopters that has introduced SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology in it. This technology makes it easier for the user to change flight settings using the transmitter at ease. There are different flight modes for different level of users (from beginner to pro) and overall, this is a good option to go for.

The mobile app along with the 12 minute flight time per charge is healthy enough.

The Pros

  • Very easy to fly
  • Feature enriched
  • Targets those who have GoPro (Niche Market)
  • Best GPS among all quadcopter models

The Cons

  • The fly time is only 12 minutes per charge

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That was all from us. Do you use any of these quadcopters? If you do, let us know about the benefits and the cons that you are facing with your model. We would love to include them in the article. Cheers.

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