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Cat Quadcopter Reviews (Meaw)

So you have a cat and you are looking for a cat quadcopter, right? Well, great decision! Cats love moving objects and cat quadcopters are a great way to play with them. You have to know about a few stuffs though before going for a cat quadcopter. Let’s first checkout the three cat quadcopters that we recommend. Then we will go for the things that you must know before buying them.

cat quadcopter

So the first quad that we recommend for your cat is Cheerson CX-10 which is a mini quadcopter. The main reason of selecting this quadcopter as the cat quadcopter is simple. It is cheap and and it not risky at all. While you are using a cat quadcopter to play with your cat, the chances are very high that the quadcopter will get damaged at one point. No matter how good you are with the controller, you are never better than Mr. Sam and he or she will catch it at one point. Therefore, it is a good idea to be within a budget. The quadcopter can’t be flown outside as it does not have enough power to handle wind. Therefore, you have to keep it indoor. We did a complete review of Cheerson CX-10 before which you can check here. The one that we reviewed is the camera version of Cheerson CX but you can also find the non-camera version here: 

The next one in our list as a cat quadcopter is the Syma X12 Mini. The product is cool and simple. There are different colors and obviously, there is no reason that why your cat won’t like it. The features are a lot like the previous Cheerson model that we just talked about. The controlling is super easy and the propellers are made of soft plastic to ensure comfort for your cat.

The last recommendation for a cat quadcopter is the Hubsan Q4 H111 which is a nano quadcopter. The look of this quadcopter is a bit different than the traditional models. It is kind of roundish but the features are identical. The 360 degree movement, fun lights and rechargeable lipo batter makes the fun even better. You can easily go for this model too for your cat.

Things to Remember While Buying a Cat Quadcopter

Well, there are a few basic things that you should keep in mind while buying a cat quadcopter. Most of you who are cat owners know all about these. Even then, it is our duty to remind you of some. So here it goes:

  • While you are buying a cat quadcopter, make sure that the propellers are made of plastic. Otherwise, your cat might get hurt.
  • Try to buy a small one. They are fun, they are safe and your cat will only love the small sized quadcopters.
  • Don’t go outside with your small cat quadcopter. They are not good enough to fly in the open sky. If you really go outside with the quad, make sure that you are not flying it too high.
  • If your cat does not like the quadcopter, do not push it. Some cats might not like quads.
  • Do not go for a quadcopter with too many lights, LEDs or noise if you want your cat to have fun. Cats do not like these stuffs.

That was pretty much it. If you guys came this far, it is our duty to show you a fun cat quadcopter video. Enjoy

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