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Dutch Police Trained Eagles To Destroy Drones

The Dutch National Police recently released a drill video where they showed how they are training eagles to snatch consumer drones from the sky. If you are a drone owner, it is a scary video to watch. Let’s watch the video first and then talk about it.

This video was the talk of the town around the drone communities in last few days. We know from history that eagles were always a deadly bird to be used in hunting and it looks like that those era is back for the Dutch police force.

The reports say that eagles were used for this purpose as they have the best eyesight along with hunting capabilities. The name of the company who are in charge of this project is Guard From Above. According to them, they are the first company of this world who trains birds to take down drones (we agree on that).

The company has been training birds for a few months now but the story came into everyone’s attention when the Dutch police got involved into this. Dutch police were looking for methods so that they can disable illegal drone activity and recently, they are testing the feasibility of using birds to take down drones with the company Guard From Above.

We all know that drones (quadcopters especially) have been the talk of everywhere in last two years. Recently, the FAA also declared their rules and regulations about drones where they announced penalty of more than $270,000 for illegal activity with unregistered drones. Read how to register your drone here

It looks like the whole world is joining with FAA now into fighting drones. Interestingly, we do not see a lot of crime incidents happening around the world with consumer models of quadcopters which will lead to these serious incidents. It looks like the authority is not looking at the fun side of things. There was an old saying that any flying object is dangerous and it looks like the authorities are falling for that.

What is your thoughts on this?


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