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Drone Hits British Airways: Is it a Hoax?

If you are a regular drone lover like many of us, you already know about the incident that happened this week. If you don’t know about it yet, then let us remind you once again. This week was all about the British Airways vs. Drone users week.

On this Sunday, a drone crashed with a flying British Airways Airbus (Flight BA727) just at the top of Richmond Park. The height was around 1,700 feet at that time and it is illegal for drones to reach that high in UK.

We all know that drones and the users of drones are seen negatively in many countries including USA and in UK. We all have heard the stories of Eagles are trained to catch drones and so on. Do you think this incident is going to boos those speeches? Well, it has already started.

We don’t have to be an expert in aviation law management to understand that it was a crime. We did a bit of research for you guys and it was found that the UK police is now investigating on this under the Article 137, Air Navigation Order 2009 and it looks like they have taken this incident pretty seriously.

According to many sources, the police wants to set an example with this case so that the drone users understand the affects of violating laws. As this is one of the first big cases of drones in United Kingdom, regular police departments have been given access by the authority to investigate further.

If you are wondering that what is the legal height of flight allowed for a drone then it is to tell you that the height allowed for flyers in UK is 500 meters or around 1,640 feet. At the same time, the law also says that the drones can never go in a cited distance near to the planes or helicopters. ( You can read this Civil Aviation Authority section from Mirror to get a lot of interesting ideas)

The police started their operation from the very moment on Sunday but they found nothing till now. Dog squads had been used to find suspects but there was nothing around. Police were unable to make any arrests and they asked every citizen who were near to the Richmond Park to come and assist them if possible.

The flight was coming from Geneva and there were 132 passengers in the plane. Thankfully, nobody was harmed and the plane landed safely at Heathrow Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority has immediately published a press note right after this whole incident happened. There was nothing new in the statement. According to a senior officer from CAA, the drone users should always abide by the laws and they are ready to take any actions necessary to make it happen. The person also said, the CAA thinks that the humane on the ground are in more danger than the planes from the drones. Well, we don’t have any explanations on why he said so.

Note that this is not the first time that something dangerous related to quadcopters and planes occurred in recent times. According to UK Airport Board, there were around 23 near miss incidents caused by quadcopters from the period of April – October in 2015. Among these 23, two incidents were at Heathrow.

Different drone communities have come up with statements as, “It is a hoax and they think someone is trying to defame the drone industry. ” Well, we don’t think that is the case at least in this situation.



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