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Foxtech Screamer 250 Review – FPV Racing Pentacopter

There has been an exciting development in the drone racing world recently, with the introduction of the first pentacopter designed for racing! The Foxtech Screamer is configured just like a normal quadcopter, but has an additional fifth “rear booster” motor and prop designed purely for forward thrust. In this Foxtech Screamer 250 review we’ll this 250mm drone that’s like nothing we have seen before. There is very little info around right now, but as soon as we know more you will too. Sign up for updates via email for the latest drone news and reviews.

foxtech screamer 250 review

Foxtech Screamer 250 Review

Let’s get into the juicy details, tech specs and pros/cons of the Foxtech Screamer 250:

Screamer Specs:

foxtech screamer 250 review

  • FPV Camera – 600 TVL
  • Video Transmitter – 48 channel, 600mW
  • HD/Recording Camera – Vibration isolated mount
  • ESC – 4x20A (30A rear booster)
  • Motors – Foxtech 2205/2300kV (2208/2500kV rear booster)
  • Flight Controller – Naze32 Rev 6 or SP F3
  • Weight (without battery) – 470 g
  • Top speed – 130km/h claimed with rear booster on
  • See the price here

The Good:

  • Comes ready to fly
  • Very fast thanks to the booster
  • Aerodynamic
  • Good motor protection
  • Straightforward to upgrade/repair

The Bad:

  • Not friendly for beginners – you have no assistance in the form of GPS or level hold
  • Thin top and bottom plates
  • Exposed video transmitter is likely to get broken the first time you crash
  • FPV cam is attached to the vibration isolating mount, also likely to break

Forming an Opinion on this Speedy Pentacopter

The concept behind this pentacopter is great and we love the novel idea of adding a fifth motor just for fast forward flight. The top speed is incredible for a ready to fly drone in this price range and it is nice to see Foxtech offering various package of the drone for users with different levels of existing equipment.

Time will tell how popular this configuration of done becomes and whether the pentacopter will be permitted to race with the standard quadcopters. The booster will provide interesting racing, as the additional boost will have to be carefully controlled if the pilot wants to avoid an incredibly fast crash.

Speaking of high speed-crashes, we are concerned by the thin (1mm) top and bottom plates. On most drones these would be at least double this, providing more strength in a crash. With the screamer going at such high speeds, these large plates are likely to be the weakest link and we can see the bolts connecting the arms being torn through the carbon fibre.

Foxtech Screamer 250 Pentacopter Review: The Verdict

verdict of the foxtech screamer 250 pentacopter review

Right now we are undecided about the Screamer, whilst we love the idea of the booster, we feel that the chances of this drone being accepted into a standard drone race are slim. It is nice to see developments like this and for the price, this is a very nice RTF drone. If you aren’t too interested in organised racing events, then this could be the ideal drone for you. If this Foxtech Screamer 250 review was useful to you, or you want to see other drones reviewed let us know in the comments!

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