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Holy Stone F180C Mini

Holy Stone F180C is undoubtedly the most successful mini quadcopter of recent times. We included it in our top 10 list and it is time that we review Holy Stone F180C in detail for you. Before we start the review, you will have to understand that this is a drone for the beginners and kids. Holy Stone F180C is not for a professional who want to do something extra-ordinary with his quadcopter. As we said in the first page too (in our top 10 review), this is mostly used as a training drone but it does not mean that you will have to use it that way. Anyway, let’s not talk more and let’s start the review of Holy Stone F180C.

holy stone F180c review

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Features of Holy Stone F180C Mini

Most small drones or mini drones that you find in the market has one problem. They do not have camera with them. Fortunately, Holy Stone F180C is out of that problem as it has a camera. More than ten thousand customers bought this product only from Amazon in last six months and we contacted a few of them to know more about the features. Let’s checkout some points.


This is a mini camera and to be honest, you should not expect too much from the copter. The camera is a standard one to have. There are 4 sensitivity modes which is a good option to have. The quality is 1280*720 which is considered good. We will include a video later in this review which will give you the complete idea about the camera.


According to us, the design of this model is very good. The quadcopter looks slick and smart. The outer part is made of quality plastic and it serves properly. You will not find any issues with the body. Obviously it is a mini drone and the weight is super light. The lightweight causes a bit of problem at times when there is high wind but other than that, the body is fine.


This is the tricky part. Most consumers told us that the battery life of Holy Stone F180C is around 8 to 10 minutes. That is actually not bad given that it is a mini quadcopter. When we continued research, we found an interesting suggestion. The main battery along with an extra one comes with the package but some consumers buy an extra pack of battery (3 to 5 batteries). The changing part is easy so if you take these 5-6 batteries into consideration, you can easily fly the machine for around 1 hour.


If look is considered then the controller is a cool one. Otherwise, it is a moderate controller which will do the main tasks properly but nothing extra. There is no monitor in the controller to check videos live. The functioning buttons work properly and the controller is very easy in hands.

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The Pros of Holy Stone F180C

Now, let’s have a quick look at the pros of this mini quadcopter. Obviously the features are the pros but it is better to organize everything:

  • Comes with extra battery
  • Can make 360 degree flip in air
  • Comes with SD card, card reader & 8 additional blades
  • Well priced

The Cons of Holy Stone F180C

Now, no quadcopter is out of cons and it is important that we address the cons too. Let’s have a look:

  • Only for 14+ age
  • Fly time is low
  • Average controller (like remote control cars)

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Let’s Watch a Video

Final Words

This is definitely a ‘yes’ quadcopter if you are looking for a standard fun mini copter. There is literally no reason to say no to Holy Stone F180C. You can go for it without any tension. Best of luck.

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