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How Fast Will Amazon Delivery Work With A Quadcopter?

So, recently we had an interesting question in our Facebook inbox. Someone asked us that how fast will Amazon delivery work when they start using quadcopters. The question is definitely interesting and we do not know the exact answer but we will share some lights with you for sure which is the motto of writing this article.

Amazon drone delivery

If you do not know what we are talking about, recently Amazon has told that soon they will use drones to deliver product throughout USA. Now to understand this, you will have to first understand how Amazon works. Previously, Amazon did not have its own selling locations. People like you and me used to open up seller accounts in Amazon and we used to sell products and ship from our own yards where Amazon had no connection. Recently, Amazon has introduced something called FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) where they want you to send everything to the warehouse of Amazon. From the warehouse, Amazon will take care of the delivery and shipping process. Now this is a tough process to manage and that is where Quadcopters come into play.

Amazon said that the prime users will initially receive this benefit and the drones will deliver their orders (within the weight limit of the drones) within 30 minutes maximum. The products will directly be delivered to the yard of the customer and the customer can say hi to the camera which will be recorded as a proof of receipt.

To know more, you can actually watch this video. The video clearly tells us how Amazon will be delivering the products from their warehouse directly to the client. This is going to be huge and the operation will possibly start by the end of 2016. We all are pretty excited to see how it goes.

According to us, the best thing that will happen is that people will be more aware of the fact that drones exist and quadcopters are interesting to have. People will love quadcopters more as soon as Amazon starts this operation. We can’t wait to see it getting started.


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