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How to Build a Drone: Part 3

If you are new to this series, make sure that you read our previous posts of how to build a drone series. Here they are:

If you have been with us, by now you are comfortable with the concept of frames and motors. Today is a fun day because in today’s how to build a drone series, we will be talking about propellers. Let’s go for it.

How to build a drone

How to Build a Drone: Part 3

Let’s start with propellers. You already know what propellers are. The idea of propellers into drones are taken from helicopters but for obvious reasons, we cannot use the ones that helicopters use. Now, you will need a set of propellers for the drone that you are making. You can build them yourself in garage (propellers can be made from wood or plastic) but it will be time consuming. Therefore, we will buy a cheap set of propellers for our drone. Before knowing what to buy, let’s study propellers a bit more.


There are two basic types of propellers when we consider spinning. They are: Clockwise spinners & anti-clockwise spinners. When you are buying a propeller, it is important that you see whether the upper part and the lower part can be differentiated or not. We are telling this from personal experience and you won’t find it in an engineering book. A lot of people mix things up only because they attach their propellers with motors upside down. Therefore, buying a good set of propeller is extremely important.

For this project, we will choose a drone propeller from these options.

There are lots of inexpensive options to choose from and to be honest, the one that we are buying for this project is inexpensive too. We recommend you not to go for an inexpensive propeller when you are building a drone seriously. This is a simple how to build a drone project and we can take that chance. The inexpensive ones are not well balanced and your drone will not fly being centered in cases if you go for them.

Attaching Propeller to Our Frame

Before we move on, we found a cool video which will help you understand how to attach propeller to a frame. The basic is the same though you can ignore the ‘color talks’ of the video.

If you have noticed, we did not talk about the adapter rings which are used to attach the propellers along with the frame of our quadcopter. Unfortunately, companies sell them separately and most propellers do not come with those adapter rings. If you are lucky, you might received those with the frame but the one that we suggested in the first how to build a drone article did not have it. Therefore, we had to buy them separately.

Do I Need a Prop-Saver?

Prop-saver is the short form of propeller savers. Well, you need them to keep your propellers safe but they are not the must need items for your first drone. You can check them out in Amazon here: Prop-Savers.

Obviously, if this is your first drone, you will fall many times from sky and there is a high chance that your propellers will get damaged. The prop-savers make sure that it does not happen.

In the next part, we will be talking about the speed controllers & batteries. You may not realize but we are almost done (trust us). Make sure that you subscribe to the blog and if you have any question, don’t forget to ask in the comment section.

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