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How to Build A Drone: Part 1

We have posted a question today on a popular Facebook Drone Group named: My First Drone Beginner’s Group. We asked them what is that one question they need answer from us and most people said that they want to know more about how to build a drone. That was the idea and here we go. From today, we will post a regular series on how to build a drone. We welcome all you new drone and quadcopter lovers to join us in this party. Let’s start.

How to build a drone

How to Build a Drone: Let’s Know About Different Terms

So today is the first day of our how to build a drone series. We will start with some terminologies that you must know as you are a drone engineer now. So, let’s just have a quick look at some different terminologies that we will use throughout this tutorial.

  • UAV: The elaboration of UAV is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • ARF: The elaboration is ‘Almost ready to fly’. These drones are ready but may be you do not have the final assembling done or you might not have the controller yet.
  • Hexacopter & Quadcopters: We mentioned it in our Best quadcopters review earlier. A Hexacopter is a copter with six propellers. On the other hand, the quadcopters have four propellers in them.

These are the terms that you will need initially. Later on, we will keep on including more terms as we proceed throughout the tutorials. Now let’s have a quick look on what we will do throughout the tutorial series. There will be 5-8 tutorials on how to build a drone and trust us, it is not a tough task to build a drone. You do not have to have an engineering degree for this and you will definitely understand it by the end of this course. Having said that, if you have a little knowledge of engineering, that would definitely help but do not worry. We will try our level best to make your life easier.

As today is the first tutorial of How to Build a Drone series, we will only choose our frame today. Let’s start.

How to Build a Drone: The Frame

Obviously you understand that the frame is one of the most important parts of a drone. There are different types of frames in the market and this is the time when you will have to decide whether you are going to make a quadcopter, a hexacopter or something else because you will be buying the frame accordingly. Each type comes with pros and cons but to keep things simple (and also as we love quadcopters), we will build a quadcopter in this tutorial. Just to let you know, you will have to decide what you are going to do with the drone before you buy the frame as there are different frames for lifting weights, carrying cameras and so on.

Step 1

As we want to keep things simple, we will buy a Frame kit from Amazon for this course. The frame kit that we are buying is Crazepony H180 Carbon Fiber which we think is a simple and decent one to go for. You can also check different quadcopter frames here. There is a combo offer in Crazepony H180 in Amazon which include propellers and distribution board. You can buy it now as we will eventually need them later on. You can wait too. Do not choose something very complex as things might get difficult later on. If you have time and expertise on tools, you may also try to build the frame on your own using hardboard or wood. We are not going to do that as our plan is to keep things simple.

Step 2

Step 2 for our first tutorial will be to list out all the non-essential and fun items that we will include with our quadcopter to make life interesting. Let’s list out some items that we might buy and include with our quadcopter:

Please note that these are not essential items. If you do not want to include a camera with your drone later on, you will not need the gimbal or the camera. Similarly, if you do not want to add a ton of fun in your first project, you might ignore the parachute part too.

Step 3

If you have bought the frame that we bought for this tutorial, you have received a box like this and when you open up the box, you will get screws which are easy to add up (It comes with a manual too). Set your frame. The frame is hard but you should still touch it delicately as you do not want to bend any part of it.

how to build a drone frame

Have a clear look at how we attached the frame. It is pretty simple but if you find it difficult, please read the manual and ask for help in the comment section.

how to attach the drone frame

As we are done with the frame, we will end the first tutorial here. Hopefully, you all will stay with us as we will post one update in every 3 days from now. We will also request you to subscribe to our website using the form given at the right side so that you can get instant update whenever we post something new. See you in the next tutorial, best of luck and happy flying high.

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