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DJI Phantom 4: What We Want

If you are a drone enthusiast or if you are a reader of our website, you know by now that DJI Phantom 4 is coming soon. There is a big chance that the announcement will be made in March, 2016 and the chances are high that the quadcopter will be available for everyone within April, 2016. Now, we already did an article titled: DJI Phantom 4: What to Expect and this is a follow up of that. Yesterday, we asked to all the drone communities and to our fans that what are the things you want in DJI Phantom 4? A lot of interesting suggestions (wishes to be honest) came along and this article is all about that. We know it is pretty late and the DJI Phantom 4 is probably in the warehouse being checked for the last time but even then, we want the world to know what we want. Let’s see.

what we want from dji phantom 4

What We Want From DJI Phantom 4?

We received around 150 wishes from Facebook & Twitter. Some of the enthusiasts were serious about the survey and some were not (it always happens). It was a fun survey at the end of the day and we received lots of interesting wishes. Unfortunately, we had to sort out as we do not want this article to be an essay. The good news is that most of you who were serious had some very common demands from DJI Phantom 4. What were in the wish list? Let’s have a look:

  • Collision avoidance is what everybody wanted. Almost one out of every two quadcopter lovers said that they want a collision avoidance technology in DJI Phantom 4. The good news is that we have news (can’t guaranty) that this technology will be there in DJI Phantom 4.
  • Some of you want DJI Phantom 4 to be waterproof. This is another interesting feature that DJI can actually think of adding. We do not think the quadcopter will be waterproof this time but the thought should definitely be there.
  • Stable firmware is another thing that almost everyone wanted. Nobody wants their Phantom 4 to crack and hopefully, DJI worked on that.
  • If you were one of the initial buyers of DJI Phantom 3, you had to face a lot of trouble as the drone came without app and extra batteries initially. Hopefully, that problem won’t be there anymore this time- wished by a few fans.
  • An interesting suggestion was to introduce solar cell in DJI Phantom 4 so that it can get charged from sun continuously. The idea was really interesting but again, we do not think DJI has thought that far.
  • Apart from these ideas, many of you wanted a better camera and a better mount system in DJI Phantom 4. Some of you wanted more fly time where most of you gave importance to the collision avoidance technology mentioned before.

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Some Fun Ones

When we asked our communities to comment what they want from DJI Phantom 4, a lot of interesting and fun suggestions have been made. We wanted to tell you about those too.

  • 2 guys wanted Eagle detection technology in DJI Phantom 4. If you do not know the reason behind that, you have to read this article: Dutch Police Trained Eagles to Destroy Drones
  • Somebody wanted weapons in DJI Phantom 4 that can be controlled from the controller. We do not think that can or should happen given that the drone community is already facing a ton of problems.
  • A guy wanted a ‘Coffee cup holder’ in his DJI Phantom 4. We do not know the reason behind that but we wish this was true for him.

Some Leaked Images

One of our readers sent us two images today which are considered as leaked images from DJI Phantom 4. We do not know whether this is true or a hoax but we want you all to see these photos before you leave. Check them out:

leaked 1 leaked 2



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