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5 Pocket Drone Reviews

Pocket drone is becoming a big thing in quick times. Well, if you are a serious drone guy then you might not understand the fun of it but a pocket drone is definitely fun for many people. A pocket drone has a very different appeal from those mainstream ones.

If you want to go for a great pocket drone then you are now at the exact place. We will review 5 of the best pocket drones here in this article. Let’s stop writing the introduction of the article and start the actual review.

pocket drone

5 Best Pocket Drone Reviews

Pocket drones are of many types. There are some with camera and there are some other models that do not have camera. By the way, you need to understand before we proceed that pocket drones are not literally for your pocket. They cannot be kept there in that mini spot. These are ultra small drones which are great for indoor fun as well as for light playing. We previously did an article on cat quadcopter where we discussed some quadcopters to play with your cat. Those can also be considered pocket drones. Let’s checkout these 5 pocket drones now!

Cheerwing Cheer Quadcopter cheerwing pocket drone

The first in our list is the promising Cheerwing Cheer quadcopter. The company that produces these quadcopters is Cheerwing. There are three different colors available in the market. You should not think differently seeing the big box because the quadcopter is very small. Look at the box carefully. The quadcopter is the green small one!

The quadcopter is a headless model. There is no head of this quadcopter and you can easily move it around. Headless feature is very important for mini quadcopters like this one as it becomes very easy and fun to play with them if they are headless.


  • 360 degree eversion
  • Headless mode
  • Hand throw (throw the quad into air, it will fly)


  • Needs 4 AA size batteries (not included with the package)

TX Juice Pocket Dronetx juice pocket drone

The second in our list is the TX Juice Pocket Drone. This is a pocket drone but you can always go outside with this one. It comes with a case where you will have to place the drone for charging purposes. Though the company says that it can be flown outside, we suggest that you should not do that. Strong wind will easily make you lose control and you will lose the drone. Overall, this is a good one for fun.


  • Can fly both indoor & outdoor
  • Great price
  • Good fly time


  • Propellers are prone to damage (breaks easily)

Cheerson CX Mini Cheerson CX-10c mini

We reviewed Cheerson CX mini previously in our website. This is one of the most selling pocket drone of all time. The product is good and the satisfied customers are proving the statement for the last two years. The price is very low compared to the features you get from this quadcopter. The three level adjustment for speed is great and gives you enough control over the machine. The flight time is around 8 minute that you can increase with an extra set of batteries. Overall, this is the best one among the pocket drones and we highly recommend that you think seriously about this model.


  • Great price
  • Adjustable flight speed
  • Good fly time


  • Not very durable for long run

FQ FQ777 Pocket Drone FQ FQ777

A quality pocket drone from the brand FQ with a fancy brand name is this one. There are four different color options available and all of them are cool enough to go for. The one key return along with the headless mode will keep you interested in the quadcopter for a long time. The controller is very good and the propeller protectors will make sure that those are not getting affected. This is important because pocket drones always get hit on the propellers.


  • CF mode
  • Great controller
  • Charging while the batteries are inside
  • USB cable


  • Controller is a bit tough to understand

Eachine H8 Mini

Eachine H8 was actually one of the first pocket drones that came into the market. Previously there were a few but this was the first quadcopter from Eachine that actually established the idea of pocket quads. Again, the same headless feature along with the one key return will attract you. As this was one of the initial models, the features are not that advanced but standard. There are LED lights which will lid things up at night. You can actually fly it outside too. The battery is good and so is the controller. Overall, it is a good experience.


  • Battery protection
  • Cool LED lights
  • One key return
  • Good fly time


  • Tough to find spare props once the main one troubles

Our Pick

We actually flew all of them and we will go with the popular one here. The quality is great and you will love the overall experience. Our pick for the pocket drone will be the Cheerson CX Mini. This is the one that you can bank on and this will be the perfect pocket drone experience for you.

Do you use any of these ones or some other pocket drones? Tell us about your experience.

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  1. I would go for something like NE Draco as it’s a 4 channel heli (goes left and right) and still very easy to fly, but to be honest anything co- axial is good for a beginner, i made a mistake and went for pitch one and smashed it in first flight (waaaaay too fast)?

  2. I have a Cheerson CX10C pocket drone. The flight time is about 2.5 minutes (video recording), the charching time is 15 minutes. Very easy to fly in comparison with my last Top Selling X6 mini drone.
    I use it for fun and some aerial recording.
    Sample video:

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