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This Drone Can Both Swim & Fly

Yesterday we were doing our regular research and we saw a news on The Guardian. This was about a drone that can both swim and fly. Do you think we were amazed? Well, we wanted to do a little bit of research to come up with the best possible information so we dived into the details. The information that we got is amazing. Before we proceed to that, let’s watch that video first. (The drone is pretty ugly to look at)

As you can see, the poor quality video demonstrate the power of this drone. According to the makers, this is a drone that was inspired by both bats and birds and more importantly, they say that it has the ability to sense things.

The discovery was made in UK last week. The best part about this drone is that it can change shape on its own without any external support while swimming depending on the scenario of the water and the current. It can easily splash or dive down under the water, can swim around and can obviously fly like regular drones.

The owners said that this drone can be developed in a way so that it can fly or swim up to 30 miles per hour which will be massive for the military industry. We (DroneReviewed) have no interest at that so we continued our research to know about the mass consumer impact and the result was great there too.

The scientists behind this project said that this technology that they imitated from bats can be implemented to consumer drones too to reduce the battery waste. In this case, the popular drones such as upcoming DJI Phantom 4 can fly up to 4x longer or more. This will be a great feature for the drone community but obviously, scientists say a lot of things and you should not depend on all of them. 

We will update you whenever we get new information on this.



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