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Vortex 250 Pro Review

Today we are looking at the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro Racing Drone. The 250 Pro builds on the success of it’s older brother, the 285. Similar to the TBS Vendetta, the Vortex 250 Pro needs you to install a receiver, but should be good to fly in only 5 minutes. In this Vortex 25o Pro review we’ll cover everything you need to know before making your next big drone purchase.


Vortex 250 Pro Review

vortex 250 pro review

We’ll start with an overview of the features, as well as what we like with the Vortex 250 Pro and what we think could be improved.

Vortex 250 Specs:

  • FPV Camera – 700 TVL CMOS
  • Video Transmitter – 40 channel, 350mW
  • HD/Recording Camera – Angled vibration isolated mount for GoPro
  • ESC – 20A
  • Motors – V-Spec 2204-2300kV
  • Flight time (hover) – 6 minutes
  • Flight time (normal use) – expect around 3-4 minutes on a 1300mAh
  • Fully configurable via OSD
  • Weight (without battery) – 415g
  • Size – 250mm
  • Check it out on Amazon here

The Good:

  • Strong but lightweight carbon fibre body, with 4 mm arms
  • Easy to set up for your first flight
  • Configure settings using the OSD and your radio transmitter, no need for a PC
  • Integrated black box flight recorder
  • Preconfigured professional racer tuned settings

The Bad:

  • Expensive
  • CMOS camera
  • Not friendly for absolute beginners – you have no assistance in the form of GPS or level hold
  • Installation of receiver required
  • Not as much flexibility as a custom build

Getting started flying the Vortex 250 Pro

vortex 250 pro flying guide

Before you fly, you’ll need to complete the following steps. There is no soldering required, just plugging wires into your receiver, so even the most inexperienced user should be able to get going without too much of a problem.

  • First thing’s first, get those props off! This is important whenever working on your quad, especially if it will involve plugging in a battery, like we will be doing later.
  • Open the quad up. There is quite a lot to undo!
  • Almost as important as the props coming off is to put the antenna on, this stops the video transmitter from being fried when you plug in the battery.
  • Install your receiver, plugging the wires into the relevant ports for your receiver. THe Vortex 250 Pro will detect the type of signal coming from your receiver (CPPM, SBUS etc.)
  • Pair the receiver with your transmitter and check that everything works as expected.
  • Set up the quad using the OSD through your video goggles/screen. Here you can also choose a preset tune.
  • Put the quad back together and get the props on, you’re now ready to plug in and fly!

The camera on this quad is a real downside because it uses CMOS technology. This makes seeing detail in wide dynamic range shots difficult and changes from light to dark and vice versa slow. THis impacts the overall flying experience, especially if you tend to fly later in the day with the sun coming in low and blowing out any detail on your video feed. We would like to see an upgraded CCD on future models, as the cost difference is minimal, but hugely improves the experience and amount of enjoyment.

The vibration isolating mount is heavy and simply not required, we recommend using an angled wedge with a strap over the top to allow you to mount your GoPro.

Although there is lots to undo to work on the insides of the quad, once inside it is much easier to  work on when compared to the likes of the TBS Vendetta. This is because of layout, which is more conventional and in-line with most home-build/bespoke quadcopters.

Vortex 250 Pro Review – The verdict:

Overall the Vortex 250 Pro looks really good and flies well, but is not quite as agile as a custom built quad. It is ideal as a ready to fly, intermediate to advanced quadcopter, with advanced settings that will allow experienced pilots to get the most out of the drone. You can really tell that it has been designed by some of the best pilots and is an absolute tank. The 4mm carbon fibre arms can really take a hit, making this drone ideal for those learning who are likely to crash more often and don’t want to spend all their time and money repairing the quad.

It is hard to build something custom that is better for the same money, so we recommend the Vortex 250 Pro for newer pilots, or those who simply want a ready to fly racer.

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