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Xiaomi’s First Quadcopter Launches on 25th May

Xiaomi, the cell phone giant from China has announced that they are going to enter into the quadcopter industry. Recently in a blog post in their website, the company announced that they are going to release the first draft (the design) of their quadcopter on 25th May, 2016. This announcement has made not only the Chinese market but the whole drone community interested. xiaomi quadcopter

Xiaomi has been there in the tech industry for more than a few years now but the company started doing well in last couple of years. Their cell phone brand is now considered as one of the most sold cell phone brands around the world and now they are here with the new quadcopter. We had to be excited.

We do not have enough information on the features or the specs of the quadcopter that the company is going to launch. They only gave a glimpse of an image. We can see that there is a standard looking camera attached beneath an interesting looking quadcopter. If you see clearly, the quadcopter actually looks a lot like the famous Yuneec Typhoon H.

Xiaomi had great success with their cell phone and hoverboard brands before. Will it be another success story? We obviously have to wait till the product is out there at the market. There are tons of rumors around. For example, it has been heard that Xiaomi is going to partner with Yuneec for a few joint ventures in the quadcopter industry. We tried to contact with Xiaomi but it looks like none in the office is ready to talk about this, yet!

The official announcement will be streamed live from the Xiaomi website. Till now, there is no official name for this quadcopter model that they are going to introduced. We will keep you guys up to date.


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